The homepage of an eCommerce website is like the window display of a brick and mortar store. Don’t let site visitors walk on by due to a boring or cluttered display. Here are five tips to keep in mind when developing the homepage for your eCommerce site. Following these tips will help reduce the website’s bounce rate and ensure that your site converts more often.

1. The Background Image. Pay attention to the background image of your site. It needs to capture the interest of your visitor without crowding out the content. Keeping the frontpage ad-free will allow the imagery to be more engaging since ads (by design) often attract the eye first due to being flashy.

2. Cross-Platform. Your site needs to be just as engaging and intuitive whether the consumer visits from their phone, tablet, or desktop. The choice of responsive design and a different mobile site can make a big difference in the mind of your consumer. Will your visitors be willing to get a stripped-down, mobile version of the website? Can your staff create a site with responsive design that actually works across varying devices and operating systems? These are important considerations.

3. The Right Font. Size and color are both important. Make sure that your content is easily readable. The font color needs to contrast with the background color. The font should be big enough to read. Do not use difficult to read scripts. A serious company should not be using a font that looks like it belongs in a comic book.

4. Simple Menus. Do not make the menu for the site so complicated that it either takes up the whole homepage or makes it impossible for a user to know how to find what they need. If someone thinks your site is going to run them in a circle for ten minutes before finding what he or she is looking for, you can bet the back button on the browser is getting clicked.

5. Branding. At a quick glance, the site should be recognizable as belonging to your brand. Proper positioning of the logo and the right fonts and colors are crucial in this regard.