It can be difficult to get a good email marketing strategy off the ground. A lot goes into a successful email marketing campaign, and so there are many places for the venture to go wrong. It may not seem like little things would make a huge difference, but details down to the length of the email subject or the timing in which the consumer receives the email can have an enormous impact on the campaign’s effectiveness. Let us consider a few marketing factors that can make or break an email marketing attempt.

First of all, studies have shown that shorter is better when it comes to the subject of your email. This is one of the places where marketing is the key to getting a consumer to even open the email. You have about 6 to 10 words if you want to catch a user’s interest. Longer subjects often result in the email just being moved to the trash. Also, once the email is opened, brevity is again important. Emails that have less text were also shown to have a better CTR, so say what you need to economically.

Of course, some factors that affect an email campaign’s success are not in the hands of the marketing staff. You could have the best content, but a technical error could mess up the whole venture. A technical error that results in the same email being sent to consumers multiple times could not only result in them all ending up in the trash bin, but you may also end up with a lot of customers wanting to be removed from the mailing list.

Obviously, the primary focus for marketers needs to be on a great, brief subject line, sharp but concise copy, and the right images. The rest will be up to your IT team.