Facebook and Twitter have an enormous presence in online marketing, and other social sites—such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube—are becoming increasingly popular for branding and marketing purposes. Video and images are powerful ways to reach your audience. You can use this to your advantage by directing viewers to your company blog. After all, no matter how authoritative and engaging your blog is, it is only as good as the number of readers you have.

First of all, do not give up. If the readership does not spike immediately upon trying to direct traffic from social media, it does not mean that the campaign has failed. Sometimes it can take months to see positive results from a method like this. Once people see that your blog has substantial content, individuals will share it on their own social media and perpetuate the cycle. Just be sure to keep posting on a regular basis, and let everyone know the new post is up. Consistency is the key.

Next, be sure not to waste words. People are really into images and video content, and many will ignore a lengthy description unless they are already interested in the topic. This is where your social media comes in. Use as few words as possible (think Tweet) to describe your blog post. Make it enticing enough for someone to want to read a few hundred words on the subject. Once consumers know that your blog content is worth reading, they will return without much convincing needed.

Be sure that your content is unique and eye-catching. If they recognize your image as a stock photo that they have seen over and over again, they will assume that your content is cookie-cutter boring stuff too. Do not be afraid to use photos that you have taken yourself to make the content more personal for the reader. People love companies that they can connect with. That is why social media has been so powerful for businesses.