Backlinking is an important part of getting traffic, but it is very easy to mess up. Not only can the wrong backlinks drive little to no traffic to your site, but making mistakes in backlinking can result in a ranking penalty from Google. Here are three errors to avoid.

  1. Link Stuffing

Getting backlinks is great unless the site you are getting them from is churning out links like spam. Be careful about getting your site penalized by stuffing links into the comments of disreputable sites. Also, beware of sites that offer backlinking as a service. Natural backlinking is tough to fake, and Google is very unforgiving with cheaters.

  1. Bad Anchor Text

Which words do you choose to turn into a hyperlink? Many sites end a sentence with “click here” and make that phrase the link. It is a huge wasted opportunity. Make the link relevant, and a long-tail keyword if possible. The more highly ranked a site is that you are getting a backlink from, the more important it is to use the exact right anchor text. Do not miss out on the opportunity of gaining extremely high value from a link.

  1. Nofollow (Ignored) Links

This basically takes your link and renders it practically worthless. Why would a site that gives you a backlink use the Nofollow tag to make Google ignore it? It is often for the sake of the site’s rank. Backlinks lose their value if there are too many on a site. Plus, Google weighs relevance heavily. Of course, if it is a top site, then you may still get a lot of traffic from the link alone. It just hurts to succeed in getting a top site to agree to a backlink and then not get the huge ranking boost from it.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to backlinking. When in doubt, seek out a successful digital ad agency to assist you in making good backlinking decisions. That’s one of their services.