In the digital world, online presence indicates how successful a brand is. While some may still find SEO to be a complicated business arena since the field does change rather quickly thanks to Google’s continually updating algorithms, we all recognize how important our strategies are in this regard. With that in mind, here are a few reasons to look at your SEO practices with a critical eye.

If you’re site isn’t ranking number one for the searches you want, then you are losing a lot of business. Some studies report that up to 50% of Google users click on the top ranked result. Such a click results in a vast difference between being number one and number two.

Conversion rate also ties back into SEO practices. The fact is that if you are targeting the right keywords, you should be reaching an audience that is interested in your product. If you are getting a lot of web traffic from searches, but the sales are not occurring, you may just be bringing in the wrong people. Of course, the problem could be on the website’s end as well. Make sure the site is optimized to seal the deal once the content brings in a consumer.

Do you find that many people get to your site through searches but then leave without checking out any other pages besides the one that drew them in? This is called bounce rate, and usually it means that you did an excellent job getting the person to your site, and then didn’t give them any meaningful content to keep them there. SEO practices are not just about keyword stuffing. Your content has to be optimized to be interesting for humans and not just Google.

If your PPC campaigns are just a money drain, this is another good reason to audit your SEO. It could, once again, be a problem with keyword selection. You are obviously getting people to click on your ads, but you need to target people who will complete the sale.

Since SEO is constantly changing, your SEO services need to stay on top of things rather than waiting for something to go wrong before addressing it. Regular SEO checkups will ensure that your digital ad dollars are well spent.