Connect With Your Consumers: Some Social Media Tips

Pretty much everyone uses social media nowadays, which means most of your customers and potential customers do too. Just because social media is crowded, however, it doesn’t mean personal bonds go unformed. In this medium, this includes relationships with brands. However, as just about every brand is now on social media, how can you stand out from the morass of business accounts and connect with your consumers?

The number one way is by having genuine conversations with your friends and followers. This is a much better approach to using social accounts to push your product or service on people. Here are a few suggestions for using social media as a connection building medium (which is what it is meant to be), instead of just another sales forum that chases off users.

First of all, don’t constantly try to sell to your followers and friends. That’s not what they are on social media for. If you keep the tone conversational, instead of sales oriented, you can create a real rapport with people. That sort of engagement will ultimately do more for brand perception, and that’s one of the key elements in engaging consumers, especially in the long term.

Keep an eye out for people who mention your brand, but don’t comment every time the company name comes up. Moreover, don’t feel the need to defend the brand every time someone makes a negative remark. Make sure you have alerts set so that you can respond at appropriate times. After all, if you make the last comment in a conversation, only the original poster will see it.

If you are going to mention special sales or provide a discount/incentive for social media activity (follows, likes, etc.) then you need to create a CTA that lets people know exactly what you want them to do. Also, always be sure to follow up on any interest that people exhibit in you company. You can be persistent, without looking like you are stalking someone who simply asked a generalized question a few weeks back. To connect with your consumers, then, requires an aptitude for using social media to your advantage.