Online Video Ads: Increasing the Visual Appeal

Digital videos are poised to take over the online marketing world. The only thing standing in the way is quality. The fact is it can be virtually impossible to determine the size or resolution of the screen on which your ad will be viewed. This and other factors prevent some companies from using digital video ads. Others are muddling through, and perhaps using them poorly. In fact, one recent study reveals that about 40 percent of online video ads are not using high enough quality video. With these factors in mind, here are a few tips for making sure that your video ads get the right kind of attention.

Let’s start by being sure that you are using the master file. The post production company should be able to make this available to you. The difference between high definition and standard definition when it comes to video quality cannot be overlooked. Even if you don’t adjust anything else with your digital video campaigns, using the HD master file will make a huge difference in quality.

For the next step, you have to keep on top of your ad server to make sure they are performing the proper quality checks. Each video should be tested to make sure that the frame rate, video quality, and color saturation are all correct upon playback. Make sure that they are using the master quality file so that no quality is lost during file transfers.

Finally, while this doesn’t affect the visual appearance of your video, you want to be sure to track views and conversions. This can let you know if there is an issue with the video. Fewer social media shares or conversions than similar video campaigns could be a video quality problem, and not an issue with the content. So, make sure the video is being view properly before deciding that your online video ads or marketing campaign was a flop.