Marketing Real Estate: Up Your Online Presence

People are finally starting to buy houses again. That’s good news for real estate agents and agencies. Unfortunately, it’s a slow turn-around. There are tons of houses on the market, and still relatively few buyers. How can you attract those buyers to your listings? Here are some strategies when it comes to marketing real estate.

First of all, you have to recognize that the world has gone digital. People aren’t looking up local real estate agents in the phone book. They are searching for them on Google. People aren’t driving around town to look at the houses with ‘For Sale’ signs in the yard. They are searching online for listings in their area.

With that in mind, you need to create an online presence for yourself. That requires content. A website, a blog, and a good SEO writer are invaluable at this point because you need to provide engaging content to attract the attention you need to be successful.

Engaging content means more than just a blog, however. And an online presence is more than just a website. Having a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account, Google+, and other business-worthy social media accounts is a great way to attract potential buyers and sellers. People are constantly on their mobile devices. They are regularly checking social media and using apps. Put this to your advantage.

Remember too that an old client isn’t a lost cause when marketing real estate. Even if they didn’t buy before, they were interested enough to contact you. Get in touch with them, even if it’s just an email with links to a few listings that might suit their needs. Don’t worry if the reason why someone walked away is because they couldn’t get a loan. It’s possible that their credit has now turned around. Don’t let it become someone else’s sale simply because you didn’t follow up. It can be a gesture as elementary as sending a holiday e-card to all of your past and current clients.