Get Old Clients Back: Some Methods

Clients slip through the crack sometimes. It isn’t that some clients aren’t important enough to keep up with. Sometimes a client just stops responding to your campaigns because they are busy with other things. They may have suffered a financial reversal, your product or service wasn’t deemed a necessity, or other things intruded into their lives and they forgot about you during the interim. However it happened, how do you get old clients back?

Let’s take a minute to discuss how you can get in touch with a former client to rekindle a past business relationship. After all, they loved your product or service at one time. That makes them easier to convince than a person who is only just hearing about your company for the first time.

First, we need to talk about the importance of special events and client relationships. An upcoming event is a great ice breaker. Give them several weeks’ notice of what you are planning, and encourage them to RSVP in order to secure a spot at the occasion. Make sure your sales team is at the event ready to rebuild a working relationship.

Try a more personal means of contact. When you haven’t been in touch for a while, an email may just not cut it. It could even be getting caught by the spam filter. Try a phone call. Let the client know personally about an upcoming promotion or opportunity. The personal touch makes someone feel important, and that goes a long way in client relationships.

Take advantage of the holiday season. Have a special promotion in store or online. Send a holiday card to former clients, and perhaps include a discount code or coupon as a gift.

We often focus so much on obtaining new leads and developing them into customers that we forget about our old contacts. Remember, these individuals have been clients before. It’s time to get old clients back and on the current client list.