Too Early to Plan Holiday Shopping: Actually, It Never Is

Online shopping has changed the way that the holiday season works: now, it is never too early to plan holiday shopping strategies. People used to start shopping on Black Friday. Now they grab holiday gifts all year long (though most holiday gifts are still bought after Thanksgiving). In fact, last minute shopping may be even more popular than ever, as it seems that more and more people who don’t look for gifts throughout the year end up holding out for that final minute sale. Plus, you have to remember that mobile sales are on the rise, and marketing your holiday sales to mobile users is more important than ever before.

This means that your target audience is more fragmented and will be coming at you from more directions than in previous years. It takes additional planning to ensure that your strategies will reach the people that you need to reach and actually translate into sales. Mobile friendly shopping is a must have for pretty much every industry now. If you need to develop a mobile site, get it done before the holidays. Your email campaigns need to be targeted and should include a strong CTA to drive sales.

Again, even though Black Friday is no longer the start of holiday shopping for many, you can’t ignore it. It’s basically turned into a holiday for retailers. Some stores make up for an entire year’s worth of red in one day. It’s earned its name, so use it.

Don’t neglect the other days that have developed in Black Friday’s wake. American Express created an additional day for small businesses on Saturday. If you can’t compete with the big sales on Friday, you can dominate the local businesses the next day. Cyber Monday has become a huge day for online sales. Make sure customers who actually use the email links land on a page that drives sales.

These days it is never too early to plan holiday shopping strategies, as sales don’t end when the holidays do. After the holidays many people are looking to use gift cards they received as presents or they are looking to buy that item they were hoping for but didn’t get. There are also the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ type products that people are buying. If you have a product for this niche, be sure to capitalize quickly before they shelve these resolutions until the next January.