Mistakes Can Tank Your Marketing Campaigns: Some Ways to Avoid This

Good marketing reaches your target audience and turns them into lifelong loyal customers. Poor marketing can have the exact opposite effect. In fact, easily prevented mistakes can tank your marketing campaigns. When this happens, the results can be catastrophic. The worse thing that can happen is when a disastrous mistake takes potential customers and creating life-long detractors who will bad-mouth your company and who will never buy your product.

Marketing is all about attention. But, like a child may try to get attention in the wrong way, companies can do that too. Here are some of the common mistakes that turn marketing campaigns into a disaster.

Booooring. This is the big one, especially when it comes to digital marketing. The Internet and mobile devices are all about stimulation and engagement. If your content is dull and repetitive, your customers are going to go find a company that cares enough to try harder.

Inconsistencies. Get your game plan together before you start pumping out content. If your blog is supposed to update twice a week but, in reality, sometimes it does and other times you go a month between posts, you’ll lose readers and credibility. People love predictability and consistency from the companies that they trust.

Overselling. If all of your content is a hard sell approach, consumers will lose interest. There has to be some useful content that is just for them to enjoy. Let them glance at the banner on the side of the page out of appreciation. Save a CTA for the very end of your content, and don’t feel the need to always have it sales related. You may do something as simple as asking your readers to comment on what you wrote or share an experience that relates to the subject.

Missing Out on Social Networking. This is what most people are doing on their mobile devices. A digital marketing strategy has to span various social media sites. Granted, some companies have made big mistakes on social media. However, when done right it can be a huge boon to business.

Mistakes can tank your marketing campaigns but care and attention to detail can prevent this from happening.