World Social Media Marketing King: Pinterest Reigns

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube et al., we’ve all heard of them. But who is the world social media marketing king? When it comes to the growing social media club, none are expanding faster than Pinterest. The latest figures have the social media mogul at 2.5 million page views monthly. Plus, Pinterest has another big marketing advantage over sites such as Facebook or Twitter. A recent study revealed that Pinterest is the most successful of the three at converting followers into new customers. As far as businesses are concerned, isn’t this what social media is all about?

Another big draw for marketing on Pinterest is sales. No users from other social networking sites spend as much cash when they surf as Pinterest users. People connect on Pinterest for ideas and to find the items they need to make their ideas reality. This means sales.

The question, then, is not whether your company should have a Pinterest account. Rather, it is: how do you design your Pinterest account to attract customers and make sales?

The answer is Pinterest makes it easy for the average marketer. There are all sorts of freebies that make sale conversion easier. Pinterest is more than just a website. It also has a free app, which makes ‘pins’ available to the growing mobile consumer market. Pinterest also provides ‘Share’ buttons that let people instantly share your pins with their vast sea of followers.

If you’re not yet convinced, consider a few more statistics. On average, every pin on Pinterest generates two website visits and six web page views. You can see how posting high quality content can quickly convert into more customers and, yes, more revenue. In fact, the same research showed that pins averaged generating 78 cents in sales.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to see how Pinterest can be put to work for your business. It is fast becoming the world social media marketing king, so, make sure your company is aware of it and using the site properly.