Upgrading Your Shopping Cart – Keep It Working For You

We hope you enjoyed our previous article on how to drive sales with your shopping cart. We are happy to share more suggestions for upgrading your shopping cart with you. Consider the following:

It is important for your site to include a place for other customers to rate and give reviews. If someone is not sure about a purchase they still might be convinced to buy it—if they see the ratings and testimonials of others.

Make the final checkout buttons easy to find both at the bottom and the upper corners of the screen. People may get frustrated and give up if they cannot easily find the checkout section.

Give your customers the ability to save their wish list order for later. The potential customer may not be ready to purchase anything at that moment and is just looking. If this is the case, this feature allows the shopper to easily retrieve what they saved and make the purchase.

You will also want shoppers to be able to easily change or edit their shopping cart. If they want to remove an item from their cart, but cannot do so, they are more likely to abandon the whole cart than to purchase that item.

Once they have chosen their items, it can be beneficial for sales to show related items. They may not know about the related items, or, that they need other items, until they are shown the items. It’s the online shopping cart version of asking a fast-food customer: “do you want fries with that?”

So, what happens if the customer makes it all the way through the checkout process and is starting to second guess their choices? They might be thinking that they could get the product cheaper, if they did not have to pay for shipping. This is a good time to keep them interested by offering free shipping or an additional promotional code. Even if the special offers are small, it might be just enough to tip the scales in your favor. People love feeling like they got a great deal.

Just remember that shopping carts, like any part of a business, is a continuing work in progress. Upgrading your shopping cart is important because what is working for you now might not work for you later. So, keep an eye on your abandonment and conversion rates and make changes as necessary.