Shopping Carts Drive Sales – Make Them Work

You might know that shopping carts drive sales but you might not realize the extent that they do so. If you take into consideration a few simple and basic ideas, you have at your fingertips ways to make your website more profitable. Let’s consider a few suggestions.

Before you put the following ideas into practice, log the abandonment rate of your site’s carts, then revisit it again after you have updated your site. This is something that is unique to online shopping. When walking through a brick-and-mortar store, few people leave their carts in an aisle and walk out. This is completely different online. Here, more than 50 percent of shoppers leave items in their carts without completing a transaction.

So, how do you identify what you should change with your shopping cart? A good place to begin is to see how the most profitable online stores deal with the shopping cart or bag.

One thing you will find is that nothing drives a customer away faster than a required registration. People love the convenience of shopping online. So, instead of interrupting the buying process with an account registration, give them the choice to do it later.

Also, make sure your website has as many different types of payment and shipping options as possible. Again, your focus should be on making the experience a smooth and easy one. One way to do this is to offer a one-page checkout, if you can.

Once your consumer has filled a shopping cart, give them the option to print it or to send it. If they have the ability to keep a copy, or show it to someone, they are more likely to return and purchase the items.

Also, it is important that your customers feel the site is safe and secure. Display logos and seals that show the legitimacy of your site and make it easy for them to access your security policy.

A big downer in terms of sales, is a website that is not accessible and easy to use on mobile devices. Look into getting a responsive web design or a dedicated mobile website.

Show your customer that you’re interested in giving him a good deal. Display sales and promotion codes right on your website, and make it easy for them to be used at checkout.

These are just a few of the ways that shopping carts drive sales and, more importantly, how to improve their functionality. We’ll consider some more ways in an upcoming article.