Medium and Messaging: What Does That Sign Say?

Every year marketers try to find ever cooler and trendier mediums for advertising. This pursuit, however, is leaving many effective and tried-and true techniques virtually untouched. Marketers are smart to ask themselves: What is really reaching their clients and potential customers? More importantly, what medium and messaging is making the most impact on them? The answers may be surprising. Some of the mediums that are proving to be the most effective turn out to be ones that seem the most uncool. To give a couple of examples, messages on receipts and on yard signs are potent and successful.

One-well known CEO, and co-founder of a popular social networking site, is definitely considered to be a cool guy. As odd as it may be, he sees printed receipts to be the up-and-coming way to engage with customers. He urges companies to notice and understand the value of this little sheet of printed paper. It is something that people often need or want to keep. They save them, and they take them home. How can marketers better use this seemingly commonplace tool?

The trick is to add on something that will be valuable to the customer; something that is independent of the sale being documented on the receipt. One way to do this is by means of a contest. Give your consumers a text to win a prize. Not only will this drive sales, but it will also add to your mobile database. Business owners have been using this with great success. One reason it is successful is that customers are used to it, and it is non-intrusive.

Yard signs are another non-intrusive strategy. Businesses that have employed this medium for their messaging have seen tremendous growth. Moreover, new laws are forcing some businesses to revert to old techniques of advertising but modified to incorporate new technology. Marketing experts say if this is done correctly it can be a very successful form of advertising.

These methods are not hard to use, just use them with your medium and messaging in a way that makes sense to you. No matter what, always stick to your fundamental values and communicate with consumers respectfully.