Importance of Color in Logos: How Color Drives Brands

Color is something that makes our world interesting by keeping it from being dull or dreary. They also play on our moods and certain colors can evoke particular emotions. This is nothing new, and the marketing world has certainly taken note of this well-established notion. While figuring out what will have the most appeal and draw the consumer’s eye, marketers take into consideration what colors will appear on their logo. Doing this will help determine what their customers think about the product and the company behind the name. However, a recently discovered twist will have the marketing world abuzz and revisit the so-called importance of color in logos.

A recent study has found that, as already mentioned, certain colors will draw out specific feelings or moods. The moods elicited by the color are already established, or so was the understanding. This is where the twist comes in. Upon studying certain well-known colors, it seems that the feelings they trigger have changed to match what is current or popular. For example, under regular circumstances, red can call up feelings of aggression or romance. In this study, when red is used in a logo, the effect was very different. It gave the impression of expertise, something to be trusted. Why the change?

It seems that when dealing with logos, brands that have been established for long periods of time set the bar for the color that is used. Red, for instance, is used by many well-known and commonly used products. This establishes in the consumer’s mind that a new logo of the same color represents the same values. Hence, when a product is introduced with this color, it is associated with what is already felt by the older logos of the same hue.

Marketers will do well to reassess the use of color in their branding. Taking this new information and applying it could have a major impact on how potential clients will perceive their products. While the importance of color in logos has not been debunked, major thought needs to go into selecting the right color.