Enabling Social Media’s Full Potential: Getting Your Brand Out There

As marketers we may find ourselves constantly in sales mode, but the real gold in social media is the ability to gather data that can benefit a business by developing an effective marketing strategy. When people use social networks, they aren’t there to shop but to connect. It’s about enabling social media’s full potential. So, the question then becomes: How can you become a part of those connections and use those connections to find out what people are truly interested in?

Let’s start by discussing how to analyze social media and feel out what is trending. It’s important with social networks to not simply have a presence but to observe the presence of others in your industry. What is your competition tweeting about? What content is a potential partner posting on Facebook? What are prominent individuals in the industry saying? This will give you a good idea of which topics are trending, which are controversial, and which are engaging users.

The next stage is to put someone in charge of your social media who enjoys working with it and isn’t afraid to jump into the deep end. Someone has to be posting content and sifting through the feedback, so that your content stay fresh and responses are timely. Metrics also play a role in determining if your efforts are bearing fruit. The person given this responsibility needs to be able to use social media responsibly and maintain the image your company wants to portray.

People expect to interact with your brand differently in a social setting. You can sell to them at other times, but here they want something worth sharing with friends and family. Keeping an eye on what is catching the interest of your followers can help you supply targeted campaigns, or even just to know which products and services are most likely to draw in consumers.

Social networking is the digital word-of-mouth. Enabling social media’s full potential can help you capitalize on what you learn about the public while interacting with consumers socially by using obtained data to create your marketing strategies.