Female Target Acquired – Gender Marketing the Right Way

Not surprisingly, more and more women are shopping online. According to recent polls, seven out of 10 women shop online every month, while six out of 10 men do so. It’s time for businesses to think about how they can target their gender marketing strategies to do the most good. In order to do that, they must be fully informed about the shopping habits of their customers. This information can be used to reel in benefits for companies. There are many avenues to be explored, but we will consider four excellent ideas to go about doing so.

One way is to make sure marketing emails are striking where they will have the greatest impact. Almost 15 percent of women discovered their last online purchase through an advertising email, which is significantly higher than the percentage of men that have done so. Taking this info into account, it might be advantageous to tailor marketing emails to female consumers. One thing to remember is that most women look for the brand first then the product, so make sure your brand is prominently displayed.

Another method of implementing gender marketing strategies is through advertising sales and promotions. It is generally said the only thing women love more than a good sale is bragging about it. So, make sure your female consumers know what promotions are presently running. The better the sale, the more likely women will tell their friends about it. This simple method will instigate a multiplier effect where one female customer leads to many.

Third, don’t be overrun by gender stereotypes. Current statistics reveal a large percentage of women are now buying technology items, while men have increased shoe purchases and have bought more shoe items than women recently. Ads that were once targeted for one population will have to be retargeted to make it more applicable to consumers.

Lastly, you want to make sure there is an open channel of communication. Women love to talk and they especially like to talk to people. So having an area on your website that allows them to talk with an actual person will keep them happy. A happy customer will stay a loyal customer.