The Most Important Companies You Never Heard Of

Sifting through digital marketing companies can be challenging. Digital marketing is a competitive business that often demands more time analyzing data than creating the campaigns themselves. If only there were better ways to gather and sort through the morass of data that marketers need, as well as more effective ways to gather it. Plus, it would be great to interact with consumers on a higher level, right? That’s what some companies are quietly working on, and you may be interested in following the progress that they are making.

Let’s start by talking about how you can track ads connected to an event that your business is sponsoring. Will you want to be a sponsor for this particular event again in the future? It will likely depend on visibility, but that can be tough to track. That’s why Skyhook Wireless is working on a technology to use various mobile access points to let sponsors know how much bang they are getting for their promotional buck.

Our next company is good news for your developers, as long as they are willing to adapt to emerging technology. The company is working on an overlay for HTML 5 in order to make the digital world more interactive for users. Animated scenes that refresh at up to 60 frames per second can be placed over the underlying code on mobile devices and desktops/TVs alike creating a three-dimensional experience for users.

Finally, we need to discuss the latest advancements in targeted advertising. For years now, digital marketing has relied on cookies to target consumers. But, increasing number of consumers and companies alike are combating the idea of being tracked in this way. Twelvefold Media is working on the solution by designing software that bases ads off of the content of the site that a person is presently looking at. All you need to know is the kind of content that your consumers will be seeking, and you have an automatic in to targeting them with your next ad campaign.

Sifting through digital marketing companies by keeping tabs on up-and-coming improvements to digital marketing methods can exponentially grow your business and your bottom line.