Using Retargeting to Attract Customers

The idea of retargeting is simple. Consider a telemarketer making cold calls versus one who is following leads based off of people who have filled out something in a store; obviously, the targeted calls will have greater success. Retargeting involves having your banner appear to the right consumers, particularly ones who have already been to your site in the past or who showed interest in one of your products. Here’s how it works.

Your SEO already worked on these consumers once and led them to your site. Now you want them back for another purchase (or perhaps the first one, if they left empty-handed last time). When someone in one of these categories sees your banner, you may get more than the standard ad reaction. They may be reminded that they enjoyed your site or products and always meant to return but had just forgotten. They may even remember a particular product they were interested in. Others who didn’t make a purchase last time may want to give your site another try.

Some people may have never actually been to your site, but maybe they searched for it or for products that you sell. These individuals are also ideal for a retargeting campaign. This is a way to narrow the target audience for a pay-per-click campaign even further than by simply calling for certain keywords. This can also raise your conversion rate on PPC ads.

This is a good tactic to use with social network ads. Why not have your ads appear for people who have recently been to your site? You can even advertise particular products that they looked at, and maybe draw them back for a closer look.

As you can see, retargeting has the ability to put your brand or product in front of a consumer that is more likely to want it.