Mobile App Marketing 101

Mobile apps are a part of our daily lives. Search any app store and you will find dozens of apps that do whatever you are looking for. The combined app stores hold well over a million different apps. Of course, more than half of those apps have never been updated, left in app store limbo. How can you ensure that your app makes it in a competitive market? Here are some tips for mobile app marketing.

First of all, you need to optimize your app for the app store it will appear in. With many mobile app store users relying on the search feature to find the app they need, your best shot at getting downloads is to appear towards the top of the list. Just like SEO is necessary to draw traffic to a website, app optimization needs to be part of your marketing strategy. The title of your app and the keywords you use to describe it will determine how often it appears in searches. Then, selecting the right icon will get someone to take a closer look.

Many also learn about new apps via social networking. If you promote your app on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram, you are more likely to find new users. Make the availability of your app known, and when people make inquiries, respond promptly. Then encourage users who enjoy your app to share with others across social media their good experience.

You also need a good description of the app and some screenshots that show why someone should want to download this app. Remember—these screenshots and descriptions are usually all someone has to go on to make a decision about an app unless it has been recommended to them. If your app costs money, consider having a free trial version.