The Future of Marketing Is Not Far Off From Sci-Fi Movies

In one popular sci-fi film, an automated voice asks Tom Cruise’s character how he liked the clothing he purchased last time he was in the store. The technology involved was a simple retina scan and an automatically looked up order – two technologies that exist today. While this may not be the way companies intend to use the technology, there are certainly many marketing methods available today that would have been considered science fiction just a decade ago.

Consider another example. Your friend Tweets about a great new tablet. Logged into your account with a certain company, you save the item for later. Then you are walking by the company’s store on your way home from work. Suddenly, the item you saved is on your phone and you are being offered a one-time discount if you go in and buy it right now.

Here are some technologies that are making this a very real scenario.

Customer relationship management software can automatically collect data, such as which products a potential consumer has saved for future consideration.

GPS tracking data can be used to provide real time marketing opportunities, such as offering a coupon to someone when they enter or pass a store. Combining these two technologies can allow a company to sweeten the deal with a personalized offer based on products that the consumer has already shown interest in.

Social media also plays a role in marketing. Allowing users to share a product with friends and followers with just the click of a button can help businesses to get a better idea of what their customers are interested in. This, in turn, allows them to customize coupons and other incentives.

As businesses continue to try and personalize ads and engage consumers, technology will allow them to be able to market products in a way that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago.