Why You may Want to Stick With Standard TV Ads Instead of Innovating

There are all sorts of ways to take your television ads to the next level nowadays. You can engage viewers on a second screen, personalize ad spots, jump on board with social TV, and more. But is this the right way to take your company’s television advertising? Here are a few reasons to keep producing regular ads for TV—at least for now.

The first mistake that companies are making with these types of innovations is that they are trading creativity for a gimmick. The ads that capture people’s attention do so because they either do something we haven’t seen before, or they build on something that we have seen and make it better. Very often, trying to connect an ad to the device in a person’s lap just results in a boring ad being on two screens. Ads that tell a story and reach emotions are going to have a greater impact than ones that just show off your ability to use technology.

Yes, a problem TV ads often face is that when a program goes to commercial, the viewer looks down at their phone or tablet. But is multiscreen marketing really the solution? The fact is that they looked away from the screen for a reason. The right ad should pull them back, not accost them on a different screen. This is especially true since effective marketing methods differ from device to device.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Innovations in TV marketing may prove beneficial for your business, but there’s no need to rush it simply to be the first in your industry to engage consumers in a new way. New is only better if it is done right. So focus on good, engaging, creative TV spots while you consider whether making the leap to new TV marketing innovations is right for your company.