The Right Video Content to Make a Deep Impact on Customers

Do you want to create deeper connections by using video to reach your customers? The biggest challenge may be discovering the types of video content that users will be interested in. Here are some ideas for video content that will engage your customers.

The Tutorial. Admit it—any time you need to do something around your house and you don’t want to hire someone, you get on YouTube and search for a do-it-yourself tutorial. If you play an instrument, you may even learn to play new songs this way. It’s the future of learning. We can’t plug out brains in and download kung fu just yet, but we can watch a five minute video and get the basics. Make sure you are capitalizing on the population’s desire to learn how to do things on their own from a source that they trust.

The Webinar. You may have already produced some of these for in-house training. Why not post it online and train your users, as well? Many webinars are paid events where you can offer more specialized training than what you give away in a tutorial video.

The Review. The Internet is glutted with reviews for every product imaginable. The only thing better than reading a little about a product before you buy it is seeing it in action. Don’t underestimate the power of showing off your products in a video, or having them reviewed alongside other similar products (just make sure yours is the best). Testimonials help, too, but be sure to use real ones rather than paying for them. Consumers can often spot a fake.

The Public Service Announcement. PSAs are a great way to show that your company is involved. Just make sure the PSA fits in with the image you have created for your company so that you aren’t sending mixed signals.

The Animated Short. The whole world is fascinated with animation. Animated ads aren’t just eye catching for children. Plus, they allow you do things that you wouldn’t be able to do in a live action video. Use that to your advantage.

Likely, you have seen some video types in the list above that you haven’t tried yet and that you recognize will engage your customers. So what are you waiting for?