How Most Advertisers Are Using Twitter

When it comes to marketing, social media has become a major source of expenditures in the past year for many companies, with some putting as much as ten percent of their budgets into sites like Facebook and Twitter. So what are companies using their Twitter accounts for? Let’s take a closer look.

Twitter isn’t really a place for advertising or sales, but it is a great place for branding. Budgets for this branch of social media have thus focused on having the right person manning the tweets. Facebook is being used in the same way. Only about half of companies surveyed actually advertise on Facebook, but a majority uses it to post content on a regular basis for fans. The idea is to use social media as a marketing tactic for finding new customers and building loyalty in current ones. Twitter use seems to follow this theory. So what is the focus for next year?

When asked what their main priority with Twitter will be in the future, the overwhelming majority (almost half) of surveyed businesses lists branding as its most important function. The only other major focus (about one fifth of responders) said they will be prioritizing creating website traffic from Twitter.

A limited number of businesses listed customer communication or building followers as next year’s priority (under ten percent). And hardly any companies are using Twitter to sell products or increase their sales. The fact is that Twitter is not effective at creating sales—it’s good for engaging consumers and letting them know where a brand stands. Most marketers are focusing on branding with Twitter because they have realized that this is where it’s most effective.