Branding and the Human Brain

Developing a brand is about more than just making sure people know your company name and products. People need to perceive the company in a certain way, connect it with specific values and feel a certain emotional attachment at the mere mention of your business name or your goods and services. So what can you use to develop your brand?

First and foremost, people like consistency. You need to guarantee that each time a person encounters your company—online, via a TV commercial, on a billboard—that they have the same emotional experience with it. You can’t have different personalities spread across different media; you can’t be edgy online or eco-friendly on TV. Pick a simple idea behind your brand and work it constantly across all of your marketing platforms.

Choosing the right colors for your logo and products is a key factor, too. Colors elicit emotional responses, so you need to be sure the colors you use for your brand match with the feel you want your company to have. For example, green is a very peaceful and serene color, and there’s really only one major worldwide corporation that has used it successfully (We’ll give you a clue: For many of us, the idea of stopping for a cup of coffee is a calm and peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of life.). Red, on the other hand, is a passionate color, one that can actually raise the heart rate and stimulate desire—doesn’t that make it tough to not grab that soda from the mini fridge?

The brain makes decisions using various factors. For example, when choosing a bottled drink, we consider how thirsty we are along with how we feel about our other drink options, and ultimately how others will perceive our decision. Then we choose a drink that we believe satisfies our thirst and provides the quality we expect, inadvertently letting others see that we make good (or cool, or popular) choices. The idea is to make your brand say that it will fill your need, that you can trust it and that using that product will draw other people to you.