Not every brand has made the surge into our current digital age with equal force. Some have fallen way behind the times. How can you recognize a brand that hasn’t kept up with the times, marketing-wise? Don’t necessarily go by the level of business success; they may be riding their old success into a new age. And don’t let businesses tell you they are the ones to imitate, either; some companies that push digital marketing are the worst offenders.

Here are a few ways to identify the stragglers, starting with companies still primarily focused on TV advertising. Don’t get us wrong; TV still has its place in your marketing strategy. The fact is, however, that TV ratings are in a long-term decline that isn’t going to recover. A company that won’t pull funds from TV advertising to relegate a little towards online advertising doesn’t comprehend the power of digital marketing.

QR codes are another sign that a company isn’t in touch with digital advertising. Statistics show that only about 1 in 5 people have ever used one of these codes, making this a digital advertising tool that can be considered a waste. Some companies have gone overboard, however, and sunk most of their digital advertising funds into putting QR codes everywhere. A QR code on a billboard is useless, and so is one in an airline magazine: No one speeding by on the highway is scanning QR codes from hundreds of feet away, nor is anyone on a plane with their phone in airplane mode. QR codes are supposed to be functional and not just for show.

Finally, we have a morass of outdated blogs and social media sites. Companies go crazy setting up all of their social media without fully understanding the amount of effort it takes to keep it going. You definitely want to use these forms of marketing—just have them well planned before you begin, so that your brand doesn’t end up looking like its online presence is extinct.