We already rely on algorithms to a great degree: Whether it’s deciding which stocks to buy and sell, which products come up when we search or which emails show up in our inbox rather than being relegated to Spam, we allow algorithms to make a lot of decisions for us. Sometimes, there’s just too much information out there to make decisions without a little synthetic help.

Think about all of the social media sites that we use. Artificial intelligence is helping to run those in reality. What pins hit the front page? Which Instagram pics are listed as favorites? For sure, we have to click the “Like” button, but who is deciding how fast the “Likes” have to pile up to make the front page, or how long something can stay there?

The same thing happens with our ads. Most of us let Google create its one profile on us based on our searches and web page visits—just look at the ads next time you use Gmail. We’ve even started to allow algorithms to pick which ads we see.

Why are we okay with this? There’s just too much out there. If your brain is an exclusive party, then algorithms are the bouncers, those guys you pay to stand at the door to make sure only the cool people get in.

So with that in mind, what should your company be doing about this shift? Get some creative people developing algorithms. And yes, you need the computer science guys in there, too. But analysts need to be forward-thinkers; don’t expect to see immediate results for development. If you are keeping up with the times, creative use of algorithms will pay for itself in the long run. Don’t fall behind so that things can look good on paper this quarter—you want them to continue looking good on into the future.