When consumers are perusing a store, you should be in constant communication with them. How can you do it? Here are the technologies that you need to use to create your own presence in the shopping environment.

Make sure there is a 2D barcode on all of your products. In the past, only stores would use the barcodes, but smartphones have made them useful to the customer as well. A quick scan can help a potential buyer to comparison shop and find the price that they are willing to pay for your product. They can also read reviews and product comparisons. These factors all help savvy shoppers to make a decision on big ticket items.

Near Field Communications (NFC) is another great engaging technology. While not every device is outfitted to interact with the tags yet, NFC opens up consumers to a great deal of product information to assist them in making the decision to buy a new product.

The next technology to keep your eye on is just over the horizon. Google Glass is set to release in 2014, so it’s worth thinking about using augmented reality devices to interact with consumers. It’s already being incorporated into applications, and smartphone cameras are also on the list for project development. Consumers can point their camera at a product to get a heads up display of features.

Finally, you have to look into accepting digital wallets. While it hasn’t really caught on in the United States yet, some are using Google Wallet and other similar applications. If you market your product in Japan, you’re already knee deep in a world where cash and cards stay at home. U.S. retailers need to obtain the technology to acquire these sales. Manufacturers need to get their products on the shelves of stores that are keeping up with this advancement in technology.