There is a good reason that the hot topic in online marketing right now is marketing across devices. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 3 dollars that is spent online this year will go to those who have the right cross-device strategy. Here are three basic rules that you need to follow in order to earn your cut of these sales.

First, let’s consider a mistake that a lot of businesses make when it comes to marketing across devices: focusing on the devices being used instead of the behavior of the user. The truth is that we jump back and forth between our devices throughout the day, and there is a legitimate pattern to it. You need to discern between what a consumer is on their phone for, what they switch to the tablet to do, and what happens on a laptop or desktop. Only then can you determine the best way to optimize your media.

You aren’t really marketing across devices if you target different groups of individuals on different devices. If you want real results, you have to contact people across their devices. There are two key factors in being able to pull this off successfully. You need to have information on how a person uses their devices, and then you need to couple that with information about their interests.

Next, it’s time to consider how you approach each individual device. Every device, whether mobile or desktop, has its unique features that draw the consumer to use that device for a particular activity. Use this knowledge to engage the consumer at the highest level on every device. This will allow you to grab attention on any platform.

There has been a lot of guess work up until now when it comes to digital marketing, especially across various mobile devices. There is now enough information available to cut back on the guessing and focus on genuine solutions for marketing across devices effectively.