Marketers know all about building up a product to make it sell. It makes you think that marketers would be beyond falling for their own tactics, but human nature is human nature. There’s a reason why we promote things using the methods that we do. So the big build-up behind a lot of the marketing tech available today has gotten the better of many marketers. The fact is, however, that there is such a thing as overdoing it and making things even more complicated by having too many tools at your disposal. Before long you’re staring at a maze of data.

Just like Apple always convinces us that we need their latest product, marketing tech companies create so much hype over their latest tools that marketing companies are afraid they will fall behind the competition without it. How can your team properly utilize marketing automation software? Here are a few tips.

The two things you are looking for in your tech are CRM (customer relationships management) and MA (marketing automation). These are the tech tools that businesses actually do need. If you feel that you are falling behind your competitors, these are the two areas to sure up.

Tools to keep track of your social media are abundant. A lot of them started to spring up all at once, and it quickly became clear that not a lot had gone into them. The game has changed, though, and many current social media tools are very effective. If you have your MA and CRM in place and are looking to expand a little further, this is the next tool to invest in.

What tools should you avoid? In my opinion, some of the least worthwhile tools are ones that quickly get you more fans, followers or friends on various social media platforms. Most of the individuals aren’t real in the truest sense, and the ability to gain anything – from an increase in brand awareness, to a new customer, to a sale – from a tool like this is slim.

Of course, having the right person operating it can make just about any tool look good, so your team is more important than the software. They need the right skills, and they need to not be so overloaded that they can’t hone in on the strengths. When you have the right people using the right tools, you have a strong advantage over your competition.