Some people believe that they can start up a WordPress site, write articles and sit back waiting for the clicks to come through. It’s a nice dream, but the reality is that it requires a little more work than that. How can you optimize your WordPress site for web search results? Here are a few suggestions.

Since Google is the giant of search engines, they should know SEO better than anyone. That’s why when Google recommends using a sitemap, it really should be taken as gospel. According to the search engine mogul, a sitemap makes it easier for the algorithm to locate your pages when a search is performed. It’s a particularly vital feature for new start-up sites, since there are not enough backlinks to rank naturally yet.

Both WordPress and Google have programs designed to help you create a sitemap if you are unsure of your ability to do it on your own. Before long, you will have an index of all of the pages you want visible to search engines, and in turn you should get greater visibility right from the get go.

Be sure to tag posts on your blog properly and to use categories. First of all, this will attract more attention to your site. Second, it will help keep people there. If a viewer can’t figure out how to navigate to the information they want from your site, they will get it from someone else. Use of tags and categories makes your site more user friendly, and it adds some SEO bonus points.

You may be a true believer in Facebook and the importance of likes, but completely hate the whole +1 thing on Google. The problem is, those pluses come from Google, and that gives them extra weight. It makes sense if you think about it. So don’t provide links on your site for Facebook and Twitter users to share, yet leave out Google+ users due to personal preference. It doesn’t take long, and you want the extra boost.