Tablets and smartphones are becoming ubiquitous, with nearly half of shoppers having a smartphone and a quarter having a tablet. That’s a big market that needs to be tapped into. It won’t be long before the number of hits that sites get from mobile devices exceeds the visits from laptop computers. More people now check their email on their mobile devices than from their desktop computer at home. Shopping from mobile devices has also become second nature to many. So how can you hit it big with mobile spenders? Here are a few hints.

Mobile devices are not just another technological toy. They’ve become an integral part of our lives and culture. Most people can’t make it 15 minutes into the day without checking their phone to see what they missed while they slept. So how do you get a mobile user to notice you? Make sure you show up in their alerts. Whether it is a tweet or a Facebook post, grab a second of their time when they steal a peek at their phone during the day.

The more interactive your website or app is, the more likely a consumer is to spend time on it. That’s what studies are showing. We spend so much time on our mobile devices that we want all the interactions to occur on our terms. Let the shopper decide how to sort your products. Create an app that they can scan in-store that gives them rewards. No one should have to have a print coupon anymore unless they want to.

Another key is to design your website for mobile use. You should also have an app that works across various mobile operating systems. All of your mobile promotion has to be consistent when friends refer each other to your site or app. Be sure to keep everything simple, especially payment. Accepting PayPal is a great way to attract the attention of the mobile generation.