The announcement of iOS 7 has marketers wondering about the impact it will have. There are literally dozens of new features slated for the update, and there may be more announced before we see it. What are the changes all about? Apple isn’t just trying to introduce a prettier version of an old operating system. This OS was clearly designed with mobile applications in mind. The result is that Apple is looking to take our use of mobile devices to the next level and integrate them with every aspect of daily life. Let’s consider how a few of these changes may affect mobile marketing strategies.

It seems like Apple is aiming to make their OS fade into the background to give you a more interactive experience. Borderless frames draw a person in, while vibrant colors hold the eye. Gestures to handle common activities are more natural, and those who have beta tested the OS felt themselves just virtually drift into the device they were using.

What is the marketing implication of this? Marketers will now need to engage their audience on a new level. Apple is drawing the individual in, so don’t produce something that will pull them back out of the immersive experience. This is one of the core values of iOS 7:  to make the device disappear and just feel like you are interacting on a more natural level.

Just like we get frustrated waiting in line for more than two minutes at a fast food establishment, we expect instant gratification from our mobile devices. iOS 7 is designed to grab backgrounds and perform other tasks to speed up the user’s experience. So again, it now falls into the lap of marketers to keep that experience going. Real time updates of application data, and apps that work fast without crashing are going to be the keys to maintaining the experience for users.

It is vital to tailor a user’s experience to their needs. Managing the release of new apps to consumers is becoming one of the most important functions of mobile marketing, and Apple is poised to make it even more vital with this new OS.

Use of multiple screens is another area that Apple has focused on with the new OS. This is a more and more commonplace practice in both the business and recreation worlds. Marketers need to take advantage of the use of multiple screens to place targeted ads in the right location to catch the attention of people without being obstructive.

Apple is giving people what they want, and they are delivering it quickly. Marketers need to learn to do the same, and then step aside to allow the user the opportunity to enjoy what they are offering.