In their efforts to keep profit margins high companies are cutting back budgets. But how can a marketing team survive on less? The key is to recognize the strategies that really constitute an investment, compared with those that are just throwing money at advertising in the hope that something works. People want to be engaged, feel like they are part of a conversation, and experience creativity.

Let’s look at a few areas in which you can adjust your team’s practices to eek a little extra dough out from your slice of the company’s financial pie.

Let me start out by saying that I am a believer in content. Volume alone however, cannot make up for precision content that is based on research. Companies could save a ton of cash on content by directing their blows, instead of vomiting massive amounts of content onto the internet simply for the sheer volume. Content is vital – plan it well to avoid wasting resources.

Let’s make the jump now to social media. This is another area where many have a “more is better” attitude. While many marketing teams pour money into gaining followers and likes with contests, content and other social media tactics, the fact is that so much goes into gaining more views that not enough focus remains on providing quality content to viewers who are already engaged – focusing efforts on existing clients is a great way to save marketing money.

If you don’t catch my eye in the topic line, I will delete your email – I don’t think I’m the only person who does this! “Check out our great sale” isn’t enough. Amazon has it right. They see you shopping for blu-ray players, but you don’t buy one. A few days later you get an email with sale prices on blu-ray players. Email marketing works – but if you don’t do it right you’re just wasting resources.

Across the board, wasted marketing dollars are all spent in a similar way – quantity over quality. See where your strategy is working and focus your efforts. Don’t just throw everything against consumers to see what sticks.