Measuring stats is vital to any marketer – the same is true when it comes to marketing on Facebook. The problem is that it may seem virtually impossible to sift through the morass of data coming from the social networking giant.

With this in mind, we want to suggest a few statistics that should stand out above the rest to you. Much of the data can be easily skewed, but these numbers should give you an accurate picture of how your page is doing.

Try examining your fan reach. This is important because it shows you the number of direct views your page is getting from fans. It leaves out fluff such as when a fan’s friend makes a comment on their share – this will help you to see your legit regular audience numbers. This is a good gauge as to how interesting your content actually is to viewers, as it shows who you’re bringing back over and over again.

Now let’s talk about overall reach. This no longer takes into account fans alone, but it also includes anyone who has seen a post (other than friends of fans). This lets you know how many people have actually seen the content you’ve posted. This is a good way to determine how easily visible your content is to potential viewers or new fans.

Of course you want people to do more than just look at your page – interaction is important. Thus the engagement level is also important. Engagement reveals to you the number of viewers that have actually clicked somewhere on the page, made a comment, liked someone else’s comment, or perhaps viewed a video on the page. Now you know whether or not your content is moving viewers to action.

This goes hand in hand with CTR. Clickthrough Rates show you how many people have not merely interacted with the page but have specifically clicked links, videos or photos. This is probably the number one means by which you can ascertain whether or not your viewers like your content. If they aren’t clicking, you need to do something else to get their attention.