In the United States, Internet use seems nearly all-pervasive. There are still a few bucking against the technology boom, but that number continues to fall. It has been estimated that over three quarters of the population use the Internet on at least a monthly basis – but the younger generations are definitely taking the lead.

Let’s look at Gen X, for example. These are folks who were born from 1965-1980. Nearly 9 out of 10 in this group use the Internet, and an even higher percentage have cell phones. Over 60% of Gen X use smartphones, and even more are using their phones to access the Internet. Yes, Gen X is using more than 30% of the smartphones in the US!

Social media is hot for Generation X – nearly three quarters of the generation use social media and almost two thirds are on Facebook alone. Twitter is one of the least used services for this generation, but there is still an increase expected. Digital video is very popular amongst Gen X, with more than three quarters of this population streaming or downloading video content.

Next, we have our Millennials (those born 1981-2000). With just slightly fewer mobile and smartphone users, this generation still manages to top the social media charts. They make up more than half of the users on Twitter, and also have the highest rate of Facebook usage. Digital video use is also sky high with around 40% of all digital videos watched by Millennials.

Stepping back, we have the baby boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964. About 80% of the baby boomer generation use mobile phones, translating into nearly 60 million people. They may not take to social networks like younger users, but more than half of them are still present on social media. They also make up about 20 percent of the digital video viewing audience.

These figures help online marketers know who is most likely to be seeing their ads on social sites and in digital videos.