One of the biggest mistakes that social marketers make is thinking they have to flood their followers with a constant barrage of tweets, posts and media. Of course, your social media needs to be active in order for anyone to want to be a part of it, but if you find yourself talking more than listening there may be a problem. Being social is about having conversations and building relationships – if you’re doing most of the talking you’re not accomplishing that goal.

Listening to social media means a lot more than just reading – yes, you have to read tweets and comments, but you also have to observe trends and keywords. Don’t just pay attention to what people are saying about your company, but observe comments on your competition too. See what people prefer about them as well as what they dislike.

Be sure to have someone assigned to check your social media sites regularly, delete spam, and respond to legitimate messages. On Twitter, search for relevant keywords and see what comes up – maybe you can find some new hashtags you should be using on your posts to reach more new potential customers.

If there are pages on Google+ and Facebook that are relevant to your business, go ahead and follow them. Also, be sure to look for bloggers who may do product reviews in your field. Has anyone reviewed or commented on your product or service? What are they saying about your competitors?

There are also a growing number of programs out there that will help you track keywords and compile data for multiple social media platforms. When using social media, don’t just promote your product or service – listen to what other people are saying and interact. After all, that is what it means to be social.