As technology continues to change year by year it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict how buyers will act, and thus how to market to them. With that in mind, let’s consider a few trends that seem to be emerging in 2013 and how those can potentially affect your strategy.

First of all, just about everyone is suffering from information overload nowadays -you can’t read, watch and listen to everything, and that is making web surfers a lot pickier. This means you’re going to have to do something to stand out if you want your ad to get more than a quick glance, and your blog more than just its title and first line read. One of the major things that marketers have to do in 2013 is determine the format that their target audience wants to receive their content in, and then deliver.

Also, people are tired of the same dumbed-down content – no-one wants to hear the basics about a product anymore. Marketers need to deliver a deeper level of content while still keeping it understandable for the general population – deeper and more meaningful content in a simple format and language is what people want. If your content is not informative no-one will have time for it – the first sentence or two needs to convince them they will benefit from sticking around.

It’s also time to mix things up content-wise. You can’t just have a blog on your page anymore with merely text and a few images on a white background – add some video or audio clips, and throw in a little downloadable content. Make your page exciting enough for a viewer to tell a friend about it.

Make sure that your content is just as easy to view whether someone is sitting at their desk or using a mobile device. The internet used to be a place we viewed only from our desktop or laptop, but with the emergence of tablets and smartphones content has to be just as easy to browse in multiple formats. Admit it – there are sites you won’t go to when using your phone because everything takes forever to load. Make sure your site isn’t the one people avoid when they’re away from the desk!

These are the trends to acknowledge in 2013 – provide eye-catching content that is diverse and informative, and make sure that people can grab it on the go.