It’s actually the exact opposite – women are more likely to snub your product if you feature celebs or skinny women in the ad. A recent study has revealed that throwing your item next to an attractive woman doesn’t convince women to buy it, so marketers will have to be more subtle in order to succeed in attracting female shoppers.

Previous studies had shown the exact opposite, but the problem now is that women are having attractive women shoved in their faces all the time – it’s OK to have a pretty woman in the ad; she just needn’t be front and center displaying the product!

So here’s the balance – a pretty woman in an ad with your product says “this will upgrade your status”, but flashing her in the face of women who feel average already will only alienate them. An attractive woman enhances the appeal of your brand to women, but don’t put her ahead of the product!

When the emphasis is on the model instead of the product the female subconscious takes over – the part that defends her from feeling bad about herself, the part that has to tear the model down with her friends so she can make it through the day knowing that isn’t how she looks. Don’t make the ad about the model if you want her to pay attention to the product.

Marketers have to realize that the ideal woman can encourage a woman to buy a product, but if she is the focus of the ad a defensive mechanism will take over. In this instance the test involved exposing women to ads that featured no model, a model on the page next to a product, and a full spread of the model next to the product – these findings were the results of studying those women’s responses.