80% of the results we achieve in life seem to come from about 20% of the effort – the rest of our efforts only achieve a fraction of the results. When it comes to digital advertising, it’s imperative to find that niche on which you can focus all your efforts in order to achieve the optimal result. How can that be accomplished?

One way is by doing research – a lot of information can be found online about the effectiveness of various types of ads. Using test and control groups, simple studies can be done to see what does and doesn’t work in an ad campaign, allowing advertisers to come up with more effective ads. Since digital publishers need to produce results to maintain campaigns, they must have a high success rate when being evaluated by an agency.

Thus it becomes clear that ad copy must be tested in order to determine its effectiveness before a finished product is released – it is also necessary to see which sites you publish are the most effective ones. Sinking more creative ideas into those sites should continue to increase effectiveness, more so than equally distributing efforts to less productive sites.

Finally, don’t over-advertise – an ad can become a liability if it is being run more frequently than is worthwhile. A certain degree of frequency is needed to ensure the ad is seen enough, but too much advertising ceases to pull in enough interest to justify the additional expense of displaying the ad more frequently.

These are just a few adjustments you can make to your strategy that may result in more effective digital ad campaigns – by making these adjustments you can alleviate the frustration that comes from the disappointment of a poorly performing campaign. It is also a more efficient way to spend your creative energy.