With a quick internet search, you’ll find numerous articles discussing the brand loyalty of Latinos. While Latinos are paving the way in market trends, it seems that a small amount of experts are addressing this phenomenon, and a consumer study was released accordingly in December with the purpose of identifying these trends.

The study was conducted using a ‘risk vs reward’ module, breaking the average purchase down into four definable categories. The ‘burden’ category includes items that are perceived as being high risk and low reward. Take health insurance, for example – the wrong company may charge you exorbitant rates, but you only see benefits if you have a medical emergency. Other categories include passion (low risk, high reward purchases), routine (low risk, low reward), and entertainment (high risk, high reward).

The study next focused on how Latinos went about making purchasing decisions. It was found that this was done in a great variety of ways. About one fifth simply sought out the lowest price, while another fifth were most likely to get higher quality items at lower prices by taking advantage of sales, coupons, and other means.

The next fifth seemed to purchase old standbys to keep shopping time down to a minimum – they would simply purchase whatever had worked for them in the past. The rest were made up of those who were looking for top quality items and would do research to find them, bargain shoppers who were looking for deals for the fun of it, and those who shop simply because they enjoy the adventure of it and want to see what is in style. This debunks the stereotypical myth that Hispanics are typically just out for a great deal.

Since the Hispanic community is very tight-knit, it makes sense that social networks influence the way Latinos shop. This includes their social and family circle, both online and offline. Latinos are also very hands on – more than half admit they want to hold a product before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Latinos are also three times more concerned about the environment of a store while shopping, viewing it as part of the experience. This is likely why Latinos are twice as spontaneous in their purchasing as other shoppers.

I’m personally into showrooming – I love to go into stores to actually see and feel a product, then ‘comparison shop’ and often make the final purchase online. This is very common in the Latino community. Furthermore, nearly half of Latino shoppers will watch videos that accompany products while shopping online, and over a third will leave feedback on items they purchase.

The Latino culture is one of the foremost cultures shaping the future of US sales trends. This makes it all the more important for marketers to take Latino shopping behaviors into consideration when developing strategies for mobile advertising.