People often make resolutions to kick off the new calendar year – what should be on the list for mobile marketers? Here are a few things you may look to accomplish in 2013.

The first thing has to be an increase in returns – companies want to see results on the tons of cash they have already sunk into mobile marketing (and they are forecast to spend even more this calendar year). This is the year of showing clients the money.

Another resolution for many is to step up their game. Obviously we want to better ourselves and the quality of our work every year – clients expect that, and we should expect it of ourselves. The mobile market is still evolving, and that means that the market is constantly in flux.

Mediocre results may have been OK last year, but now is the time to root out any issues and clear out any bad business habits your company may have fallen into that are slowing growth – organization of data will be key.

As with any business, we never want to stop learning the trade. This is particularly important in mobile marketing, because once again the playing field is changing on almost a daily basis. Researching the ways that mobile users behave is always a great way to boost your marketing performance, and keeping up to date is going to be key in an industry that thrives on relevancy.

Don’t forget to recycle data – there is such a morass of information out there that marketers can easily become bogged down. Many are trying to take a fresh look at already collected data, saving it for later when it may pay to look again from a different angle. This gives you the opportunity to capitalize on victories over and over again, and also to figure out what you missed when you first made a mistake. We can learn from both our successes and our failures.

Many are also determined to get to know people as individuals. Marketing used to be about the broad spectrum – how do you advertise to stay-at-home moms? What will 18 to 29 year old males be drawn to? But that is the past – we now have access to much more information, and by learning how individuals work a whole new world of marketing opportunities arises.

Finally, the resolution that has to find its way onto everyone’s list is to actually accomplish what you set out to do – don’t be satisfied with resting on your laurels and providing the same service from year to year, because your competition is going to do more.

Set up a plan, stick to it, set reasonable and reachable goals, but also set them high enough to actually make progress – as your client base and bottom line grow, you will be glad that you did.