When it comes to search engine optimization, everyone seems to have their own ideas about how to make a business thrive. But let’s consider a few myths and discover the truth about SEO.

The first myth is that rank is everything. The fact is, conversion is where the real importance lies. If you rank number one for a keyword that converts two percent of the time, but are sixth behind five of your biggest competitors on a keyword that converts eight percent of the time, then you are at a serious disadvantage. In this situation, more time has to be spent researching the proper keywords before concentrating on ranking. This brings us to our second myth.

Another myth is that you can just maintain a high ranking on your current keywords and stay on top. Research is necessary. If you want to have your SEO matter, you need to update your research data. That means either having someone to handle your SEO, or using an SEO software package to watch current trends.

The idea that you can ignore social media on behalf of backlinks is also a myth. The fact is that it matters if something is getting liked on Facebook, plussed on Google, retweeted on Twitter, or viewed on YouTube. In fact, many of these sites release annual lists of the hottest trends in various fields. The importance of this cannot be ignored when it comes to digital marketing.

The idea that whatever technology you already use for SEO is enough is another myth. That’s like saying modern retail businesses can thrive without keeping up with the latest technology like creating apps for phones and tablets, and utilizing advertising tools like NFC. The truth is that technology (or lack there of) says a lot about your business. You need to stay ahead of keywords, social signals, website traffic analysis, backlinking, and rankings. It can’t be done with old tech.

Finally, it is time to break away form the idea that monthly SEO data is enough. Weekly is becoming the norm and daily is really what you need to give you a leg up.