We use our phones for everything nowadays. It isn’t just a phone or even an instant messaging device. We surf the web, use it as a mobile gaming system, shop on our phones, watch videos, and more. People on average spend hours each day on their phones.

Research has shown the degree to which mobile advertising and shopping are affecting the general population. Over half of people surveyed have purchased an item using their phone in the last half of a year. I know I certainly have. Just as many people were shown to have used their phone to compare prices while shopping. I frequently use a barcode scanner to check prices online before purchasing an item at the store that isn’t an emergency.

Surprisingly, nearly half of people admit to having clicked on an ad that they see on their mobile phone. Or maybe that isn’t so surprising since ads are generally tailored to a mobile phone users’ interests. Also, over a third of people have used their mobile device to make an in-store payment. My roommate only ever pays for his coffee from an app that keeps track of his rewards and discounts automatically.

Adults from the ages of 18 to 34 are in what is being referred to as “Generation C.” And the generation is connected. Nearly four fifths surveyed revealed that many of their online purchases made from their phones are based off of recommendations that they have received. I know the last game that I bought came as a recommendation from my brother.

As the cell phone revolution continues to move ahead full swing (and don’t forget tablets), it would not be surprising to learn that many new ways are being developed to interact with this generation and tap the growing market. Marketers are already using data that has been gathered to work on the next generation of mobile advertising.