Whether you are running an SEO agency or are part of an in house team, there are a number of things about search engine optimization that you need to know. What are some basic SEO truths that need to be abided by to get ahead? Here are a few.

You must have a strategy for marketing your content. Without marketing, all the backlinking in the world won’t help you stay on top. Don’t get me wrong, backlinks aren’t useless. When it comes to the industry your client is involved in or directories that are specifically important locally, you want to be well connected. However, unless you want your links to just look like spam, you need unique, new, and relevant content on a continuous basis. Whether it is a blog, a news release, or a research paper, having fresh content link back to your site in a natural way will help you to stay ahead in the long term and not just for a few months until the Google algorithm catches up to you.

Don’t waste your time with lengthy reports. Reports are important to decision makers, but if they have hired you, whether in-house or from the outside to do their SEO work, you are being trusted with getting the job done. Spend your time on that. The reports don’t have to look pretty. It won’t mean anything to most people anyway, and the ones who understand it won’t care if it is fancy or plain.

Google may seem ubiquitous, but there is more to SEO. Other sites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are important and require a company to be present for building reputation. Your keywords should give you the same results on social media sites that they get you on Google.

Remember to work from the ground up. Follow 5 basic steps to the best SEO possible. You start with a good technical foundation. Then it is time for keyword research. The marketing plan for your content is the next, and most important, part of the pyramid. After that you need to socialize. Get on those social networking sites. Finally, go back and rework each step of the process to make necessary improvements, and repeat as needed.

If you stick to these simple processes, you will greatly improve the quality of your SEO.