What if your little one could have her own email address, safe from scams and spams? Maily, a free iPad app, gives your kids their first email address, controlled and monitored by you. Now your children from the age of four can connect to any family member or friend with the touch of a picture.

The creators of Maily, Raphael Halberthal and Tom Galle, came up with the inspiration behind Maily when they were watching some young children use technologies such as iPads and smartphones. They were astonished at how easily the technology came to the kids, and they realized that no one had yet invented a safe and easy way of communication for kids to use. They began testing and developing Maily, with an eye on what an email application for a child as young as four needed to be. Tom and Raphael say that the process was exhausting and long, but throughout the developmental stages they continuously received emails from kids offering encouragement. The creators say they were amazed at children’s level of understanding of the entire email concept, including receiving or sending emails. The finished product, Maily, offers kids a fun, safe and secure way to stay in touch with family and friends.

With Maily, kids can get five fun tools to spruce up their messages and backgrounds: paint brushes, pencils, stamps, backgrounds and photos. Children can easily use the pop-up menu to access these fun accessories. Kids can use the pencils to write their messages using their fingers while the paint brushes and stamps can be used to let their imaginations go wild. There is a large variety of backgrounds for your child to choose from, including over 30 themed stamps like dogs, planes, space rocket backgrounds, and even paper effects. Kids will be able to design their own kid-themed backgrounds for their messages using these fun tools. Maily also works with the iPad camera to allow kids to insert their own pictures into their messages.

Parents control who their child contacts with their new email, and how they do it.  Kids are limited to sending and receiving messages from parent approved contacts, and an email can be sent to the parent that includes a copy of the child’s messages for approval before being sent or received by Maily.

Using the email app is simple: your child taps the picture of the recipient; the email will automatically be addressed to the recipient using whatever name you have chosen, such as Grandma or PopPop. The child writes his message and sends it to the recipient, who receives it in their normal inbox. When replying, the recipient uses the Maily dashboard to choose kid friendly backgrounds and animations to add to their messages, which are then sent back to your child’s Maily address.

Currently Maily can be downloaded for free, but it is possible that future versions of the app will come with a virtual store for parents to purchase new tools and features for their child’s Maily account, like sound, video, new brushes, and even a second account. Maily may also have, in the future, some selective ads that would only be seen by the parents on their Maily dashboard.

Fun, easy to use email for kids—Maily offers children the coolest email features in a setting secure enough to make parents happy, too.