Google+ is about having great conversations, finding fascinating posts, and displaying appreciation by adding a comment or a +1. A person can even share new things such as videos, photos, or links.

Google+ can be a great way for businesses to gain more clients a business can put videos of what their company does considering most people are visual learners.

Google+ can also be local. Here are a few things that Google+ can do:

  • Get recommendations based on your circles, your past reviews, and your location.
  • Publish reviews and photos of your favorite places.
  • Read Zagat summaries of user reviews.
  • Find reviews from people you know and trust highlighted in your search results.

A business having Google+ can help people see how their business runs from others that have worked with them before. A business that has good reviews could benefit from this.

Last week Google+ started a new social network called “Events.” Google+ Events is a great way to help invite people to their events online. This is a great addition to the Google+ platform.

When the Event is made inside Google+, a business will have to fill out some basic information that Google will need to know. Google wants to know how many products are in one place like Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Place or local, and YouTube. These features will help keep Google+ on track with what the business is doing and whom they are reaching.

As part of the Event being visual, a business can add their own top image—this is called the Event Theme. These Event themes are good enough to draw people in, but the Advanced Options for the Events gives the business the option to add their own Video on YouTube with the URL link.

After the video is added on YouTube, it becomes an implanted part of the Event. When viewers go to “open the Event Invitation” the video embed opens. To know that a business has the right tab open, there will be a net “unfolding graphic” effect added by Google+ with the blue tab. The video is there to help excite viewers about the upcoming event.

Using Google+ Events will help get more people interested in the company. Plus they will be able to see what upcoming events the business is offering. By having the video linked to YouTube this will help reach potential clients to a business.

Google+ Events allows a business to invite anybody in his or her Google+ cluster or anybody else a business likes by email addresses. This is great because it’s not limited to just the current Google+ users.

Google+ can help a business in areas that will keep them reaching different people every day. Businesses need to make sure that Google+ is one of their social networks, because without it, their business is not taking the next level to be successful.