Google Analytics allows a company or a person to see where your audience comes from and see how they interact with your site. In addition, the company can set up goals that match what their social media sites want to reach with Google Analytics.

The great thing about Google Analytics is that it can identify valuable insights to your audience and what keeps them coming back.

Google Analytics is available for many social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others. This can increase the number of people visiting your site every day.

Here are few tips to help your company/business get started on Google Analytics:

  • Getting started – first you would need to pick the most recent version of Google Analytics. To do so, all you need to do is login into your Google Analytics account and click the new version on top left of the screen.
  • Identify your main traffic sources– a business needs to know what social media sites they want to use and send the most traffic to those sites.

You don’t want your company having various sites up. The best decision would be to pick the top three sites you want to draw the most attention to.

  • Create Advanced Segments: Once a company has narrowed down their main social media sites they can create Advanced Segments for those websites. By doing this, it will improve the traffic and individually analyze an audience.

The company can also set up several Advanced Segments while comparing and contrasting them to see the difference between the main three sites they chose.

  • Twitter Traffic Segment: a company can also create a specific Advanced Segment account for Twitter to see how it relates to Facebook and Google+.

To do so all you have to do is click on Advanced Segments from any Google Analytics report and click the New Custom Segment button.

Then add the name of the site that you wish to choose and include as many sources that contain a filter for twitter, for example: tweetdeck, Hootsuite,, and so on.

By adding these filters, a company can see where the traffic matches. Google Analytics will automatically insert the filters using an autocomplete function.

  • Facebook Traffic Segment: you do exactly what you did for Twitter except you find filters for Twitter they are for Facebook. So the Facebook filters will include: and This will have control over the traffic coming to the company’s Facebook account.
  • Google+ Traffic: Google+ is run the same way as Twitter and Facebook, but simpler. It is easier because Google+ only needs one filter. Google+ sends all the traffic from and that’s it. You might see some trafficking from but don’t add it because it’s something different and won’t work with improving the audience.

With these few simple steps to jump-start Google Analytics a company/business will understand how to traffic more people into their social media sites. It’s important to manage Google Analytics; it creates a stable way of having insight to who the audience is and how they can be reached and entertained.