Today, numerous brands jump on the bandwagon of mobile marketing. When it comes to this kind of marketing you cannot avoid the most exciting current social media: Foursquare. For those who don’t know, Foursquare is a location-sharing mobile application that allows users to “check-in” to venues and share their check-ins with their social networking friends.

Users collect badges and points and they can even become mayor of a place (if a person has checked in the most in a particular venue). The person can add some new friends who have checked into the same place or share tips and places that they would recommend. After checking in to the venues the users can leave feedback about the place. This can be helpful to encourage people to visit.

Since Foursquare was released, this application has encountered wonderful success. Why? Well, in this younger generation the majority of people carry around their cell phones, which gives people access to find the newest and hippest spots. Imagine pedestrians having your brand in their hands; you (the company) will have already changed the pedestrians mind in checking into your business.

The question now is “how do we use this simple application for our business?” First of all, you must let people know that you are going to use Foursquare as another media to engage and connect with our customers.

The simple way to do this is to post about it on your social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. On Foursquare, you need to claim your venue and start interacting with your audience. You can start by implying these seven easy steps:

  • Having access to your customer’s information: You will know who they are and where they are. In addition, this information will help you target your customers better.
  •   Give your customers some rewards: Discounts, coupons/gifts, or free products (if they become mayor). They will just have to present the mobile reward once there. This will encourage the other users to enter your place because it makes it seem that company cares more about their consumers.
  •   Give customers information about who you are what your company can provide.
  •   Proposing a deal to clients: Asking them to put up a picture and in return they will have a gift or a prize.
  •   Promoting an event on Foursquare to attract people to the venue.
  • Creating bonuses for loyal Foursquare customers: This will prove that regular clients come into your place and promote you as well advertising your company. Those customers will build your reputation.
  •   Creating discounts by groups: Customers can be rewarded if they bring new clients into your venue.

All these tips will benefit the customer and the company.

Recently Foursquare has been updated, which has helped attract more participants. Indeed, the newest version of the application is focused on interactions. The update also has better features.

The new features include:

  • Likes and dislikes. You’ll see when friends like a page. The most check-ins will have the most “likes.” The places with the most likes will most likely establish a good reputation
  •   “People talk about.” This feature groups the feelings or thoughts about each venue.

Now Foursquare is integrated on Facebook and we can see numerous statuses about check-ins and the comments you or others post. This method will help your place to be well-known by a larger audience (Facebook users).